Saturday, February 11, 2006

Last minute preparations (SAOUG Blog Course, Part 1.1)

[From:Blogging in South Africa (SAOUG Blog Course, Part 1)]

I'm discovering more ways to use blogs. Nothing earth-shaking. Just one of those instances where the possibilities and potentials of a tool gradually reveal themselves as you apply it.

Decided to post the schedule over at BlogCourseDemo. It'll be a useful reference for the trainers and the participants. Updates to the schedule could be posted or amended online quickly, so long there's Internet access.

Most days will be spent in Johannesburg, and one day in Capetown. Rajen says it will be warm over there. I discovered our concept of 'warm' differed greatly. To him, 23 degrees Celcius was warm. I don't like the heat but 23 degrees C. is damn cold for me! I'm definitely a tropics person. The temperature difference between Johannesburg and Capetown is quite substantial apparently. Much warmer and hotter at in Capetown, if my facts are correct. Must bring packets of "Cooling Tea" for the trip.

The more I look at the schedule, the more I'm asking "What have you gotten yourself into, Ivan?" : )

Well, to paraphrase Nike in Singlish, "Just do it lah!"



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