Thursday, February 23, 2006

Goodbye, Sir -- you've lived a good life

. 25 Feb - links to MICA news releases should be credited to Ai Lin, who first posted them in the Singapore Heritage email list;
. 27 Feb - three more links appended (from Ai Lin)

Back in primary school, we had to recite the Singapore Pledge everyday (they still do). It was only much later that I learnt that Mr. S. Rajaratnam was the man who crafted those words. What I learnt about the eminent Mr Rajaratnam was through words as well, via books. So long the words remain, he'll be immortal.

Goodbye, Sir -- you've lived a good life.

From High Browse Online: "To find out more about Mr Rajaratnam's ideas and beliefs, you can check out the following publications available at a library near you." (click here)

News releases from MICA:



  1. Anonymous2:45 am

    Thanks for the post on Rajaratnam with useful links. You are most helpful.

  2. In my haste to post the article, I forgot to credit it to Ms. Chua Ai Lin, who first posted the links. So it's her you gotta thank. The credits have been posted as an update to the blog post.

  3. More works by, and on, S. Rajaratnam, compiled by Alex Ong - Discovering Rajaratnam -- more books & other works


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