Friday, September 23, 2005

What else have I taken for granted lately?

It was refreshing to read "10 reasons to blog" by Marie-Chantale Turgeon (via Kevin). Marie wrote:
I started this list a while ago, not really to explain to others why i was blogging, but more for myself to understand, why the hell i was blogging. What does it had to do in my life, why it caught my attention and why it quickly became an habit - even skipping a day or two could make me feel that something was missing.

Unlike Marie, I don't feel that I have to blog daily. I don't. But at times I would ask myself if it was worthwhile maintaining this blog, since I only blog outside work hours and blogging does take up my personal time.

So it was nice to be reminded by Marie of why I, too, blogged (which was to let people know more about what a public librarian does and to publicise the library service) and why I've continued (because I'm getting some positive results, judging from the emails and comments received to date).

And then there's also the part about self-expression. Plus the friends and librarians met as a result of the blog.

Things that I've taken for granted.

Thinking about that led me to think about libraries and books. At any one time I have at least 5 books borrowed from the library, sitting on my bookshelf. Ever since I started working for the library, I've found fewer reasons to buy books when I could borrow most of what I want.

It would be unthinkable if there were no public libraries. Can something like that happen? It's pretty remote at the moment, but who's to say? I'm not taking things for granted.

So what can I do about it?

I tried to think of some elegant answers to impress the readers of this blog, but in the end my most honest and simple answer was, "To serve the library customers well".

Extending the thought-experiment further, I listed more things that I've taken for granted lately and the list was endless -- Family, Health, Job, Money, Food, Water, Good Neighbours, Economy, Government, World Peace...

Simply mind-boggling and almost leading to a self-induced depression and catharsis.

What will I do about it? Can I do anything?

Heck, I figured I'd just do the one thing I can do, right there and then -- I went over to my wife and squeezed her hand a little harder.

She asked why I did that. I said it's because I read a blog post by someone called Marie. She gave me a funny look. I gave her a longer answer (see the above).

I got approving nods in silence.



  1. Well, here's another article on "Why I Blog". There seems to be a number of bloggers writing on this issue recently.

  2. Thanks Isaak. I think all bloggers write about it at some point. I'd like to see more references listed here if possible (so those reading this, feel free to contribute).

  3. Anonymous2:05 pm

    hi i'm so glad i found your blog. i wonder what you think of a mid-career change to become a librarian. would it take a long time to achieve some level of competence and expertise?

  4. hi, thanks for blogging. i came across your blog recently and am very excited because i've always wanted to be a librarian and am about to start my masters in library studies soon. so ur blog has been very informative and given me a good insight into the field. thanks again! :)

  5. To Kitty: Whatever the reasons for becoming a librarian, just make sure you find out what the job involves before you commit to that change. And like many other jobs, yeah sure it takes time to achieve competence and expertise. How fast one does it is really up to that individual, and even then, competence and expertise is something judged by others rather than oneself.

    To Pumpkineyes: Thanks, glad you've found something of use.


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