Sunday, September 25, 2005

Science Fiction & SciFi authors blogs

Was surfing around for ideas and references for an article I'm writing (for an upcoming internal publication -- you'll hear about it later).

Discovered that Asimov's Science Fiction website features SciFi-related blogs. There's also a whole bunch of SciFi author blogs, here.

If any of you know of more SciFi blogs, feel free to post here.

I'm also interested in Fantasy/ SciFi+Fantasy related blogs & author blogs.



  1. Thanks, Billy!
    BTW, I'm writing a piece about China MiƩville. This wikipedia entry says that he has a blog at Lenin's Tomb. Wonder if anyone can confirm this.

  2. Anonymous5:30 am

    China does write very occasionally at the Tomb. He is busy writing at the moment, so he won't be appearing again in the immediate future.


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