Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Join the IM chat between Singapore & US libraries -- Sunday, Sept, 11 2005

Here's an event that my colleagues from the Adult & Young People (AYP) services & Programmes (PEM) have been busy with for last few weeks:
In rememberance of Sept 11, log in for a 'live' chat based on the theme of "How much do we understand each other". Chat with people between 13 to 35 years of age from Sugar Grove Public Library (Chicago, Illinois USA) and Jurong Regional & Tampines Regional libraries in Singapore.

When? Join our 'live' chat via Instant Messaging, on:

How? Login to one of the following (depending on whether you have MSN or Yahoo! IM):
  • jrl_chat_msn (MSN IM name)
  • trl_chat_msn (MSN IM name)
  • SugarGroveInfo (MSN IM name)
  • jrl_chat (Yahoo! IM name)
  • tampines_chaty (Yahoo! IM name)
  • SugarGroveInfo (Yahoo! IM name)
What if you can't make it for the chat session? You can still join the blog discussions at the Sugar Grove Youth blog -

Some people might ask, "Why are libraries involved in Sept 11? Why talk about Sept 11 at all?

My short answer is: "It's about Community, not Geography"
For a longer answer... I'll post it separately.

Additional information on "Instant Messaging":
1. What is Instant Messaging?
(IM) - a text-based computer conference over the Internet between two or more people who must be online at the same time. When you send an IM the receiver is instantly notified that she/he has a message.

2. How do I Instant Message?
We are using Microsoft's MSN Messenger and Yahoo! for this event. Participants would have to download and install your own Instant Messaging (IM) program.

Open a new message and type the library's IM name in the To: field OR add us to your buddy list, then double click on the library's IM name to open an IM window, and type your message.

3. Where can I download an Instant Messaging Program? Free downloads are available at (MSN) and (Yahoo!)

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  1. Heh, I'll see if I can wrangle myself to stay awake to crash in from Illinois. :)

  2. Anonymous6:17 am

    Man, I totally fell asleep at 12 midnight (Buffalo time)... must be getting old or something.

  3. Anonymous10:27 am

    Kudos to NLB for putting this one together. Logged the event if anyone's interested: LINK

  4. Speaking for SugarGroveYouth - While we may never come to enjoy Durian ... we will be able to reflect on the conversation of September 11, 2005 - thanks to!


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