Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blogging course: Afterthoughts

Conducted two sessions (2 hours each) with Rajen today: one in the morning, and the other in the afternoon.

2 hours per session may not seem like much but phew -- it's tiring to be a trainer. I appreciate the work that Rajen does even more. Not to mention the many teachers in schools. Salute!

There seemed to be one grouse from the participants of both sessions -- too little time! They wanted to know more, but we couldn't, given the time constraints.

You know, most people tend to be polite when you ask them to complete the feedback forms after the course, or when you ask them how it went for them. I usually take the positive comments with a pinch of salt and pay more attention to the not-so-positive ones.

We were pleasantly surprised that quite a number of feedback forms had fairly detailed comments on what they found useful; what they had learnt.

It's clear that most participants started with the perception that blogs were "frivolous musings of teenagers with too much time on their hands". So we showed them what else blogs were good for.

I got a kicked out of the look on their faces when Rajen told them, "See, it's not just for teenagers. You people are now blogging. You're a blogger too."

Whether they actually want to blog after today isn't the point at all. There might be one or two who continue to be skeptics. But at least majority can now make an informed decision for themselves the next time they read or hear something about blogging.

Days like this, it feels good to be a librarian.

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