Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"Produser": Distributed Creativity

I just learnt a new word (or concept) minutes ago: Produser.

"Producer + User", where users become "active producers of content in a variety of open and collaborative environments".

This is what I gathered from reading this post about an upcoming lecture (Sept 28) by Dr. Axel Bruns. He will be lecturing on grassroots participation in "open" online environment and also conducting a workshop on the notion of the "produser".

Unfortunately (for me), Dr. Bruns isn't in Singapore. He's lecturing at SUNY Buffalo, New York. But fortunately, thanks to technology, Kevin would try to record that event for me (is he a swell guy or what?).

We were just exchanging a few lines over Instant Messaging (did I say technology was great?) and he said he'll try. I won't hold it against him if he doesn't have time to record it. I'm confident someone who attends the session will blog about it.

(BTW, I should mention that Kevin & friends created a blog to create an online community for Singaporeans in Buffalo, NY. The blog is aptly named "Singapura".)



  1. Even if something happens to me, it will be blogged. My Professor is going to try and videocast it, AND ask his entire class to attend with videocameras themselves. We were talking about how we can do multiple angle shots or even a video mashup. Either way, you will see it for sure!! Stay tuned!

  2. Now that's your prof "walking the talk"!


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