Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What should Shel tell the librarians?

My author and friend, Shel Israel, and I have been trading emails for the past few weeks. He wanted my thoughts on libraries and social media. He'll be addressing the librarians at the California Association of Librarians conference in about a weeks time.

I'll wait till after his speech before posting what he and I have been corresponding. Don't want to steal his thunder, so to speak, heh.

Meantime, it's not too late to let Shel know what he should tell librarians about libraries and social media.

BTW, I found the comments left at his blog post a fascinating read.

Like this one from Shawn Lea suggesting -- tongue-in-cheek -- that libraries have a "Twitter site exposing local cads who don't pay their library fines". LOL.


It just occurred to me that while Shel could tell librarians about Social Media, he probably should say the same thing to library administrators. Especially decision makers who fund libraries.

Librarians alone embracing "Web 2.0." isn't as effective as librarians working with decision-makers who might fund those efforts. Even if there's no funding, having some moral support, if not an executive direction, goes a long way.

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  1. Anonymous10:06 am

    What would YOU say to them, Ivan? You know more about it than I do. Post it here and I will tell the audience where I got it from.


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