Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Kevin starts an online campaign for a USD$10K blogging scholarship (or "Why I think he deserves to win")

Kevin emailed us about a Blogging Scholarship. I thought he was kidding. He wasn't. Seems there really is such a thing. He wrote that his friend won it last year.

He doesn't think his chances are good at winning the scholarship. But he's trying for it anyway. Kevin's started an online campaign. A Facebook group. A YouTube video. Getting his friends to blog about it.

I commented at Kevin's blog that I voted for him not because of his video, nor his Facebook presence. Not because he's a fellow Singaporean. Not because he's the apparent underdog. I voted for him because I think he deserves the $10K scholarship.

I've read the blogs of the nominees. They all seem like worthy winners.

I voted for Kevin because I know him. He's my friend. I don't really know the other people. So it may be down to "who knows more people".


Honestly, in looking through all the other bloggers (I skimmed, Siva -- heh), there are better writers than Kevin.

But Kevin seemed to be the only one who has taken the Openness and Social Engagement aspect of blogging to the next level. He has leveraged on social networking tools. His video asks you to be a participant in how he will end up utilising the scholarship money. The other nominees -- as far as I can tell -- have only blogged about their nominations.

Anyway, best of luck, Kevin.

One more thing -- if you do win, use it for your education.

Saving the world can come later. :)

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  1. They do write so much better and more regularly than me. I'm quite honored to be in such company. Thanks for voting me though... if anything, it's just a nice way to see how people can be mobilized through blogs and social networks. :)


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