Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blogger dedicates a birthday song for library@orchard

After I published the "Happy birthday, library@orchard" post, the proverbial light-bulb went off in my head.
Birthday = Birthday Song = Songcraft

So I dropped a note to the Songcrafters and asked if anyone would like to compose a birthday tune, which I would gladly forward to my library@orchard colleagues. About two days later, Jeremy came up with this tune: "You're The Library@orchard (Happy Birthday To You)":

powered by ODEO

[Song/ Lyrics at Jeremy's blog | Link to Jeremy's Odeo page]

Jeremy added: "(P.S. Ivan, this little song is just for fun only. Please don’t mention this to your colleagues ok?)"

But little did he know that my library@orchard colleague didn't need me! My colleague, Jillian, found her way to Jeremy's blog on the same day (see the 3rd comment)

Jeremy requested that I don't tell my colleagues at library@orchard. I didn't. I told the whole of Singapore Blogosphere via Tomorrow.SG instead!"

He just sent the songcrafters an email. Said he was horrified to know that his song has been Tomorrowed.

I decided I could risk it. It's a nice song. It should be shared, Jeremy. Maybe I'll do a song too. Start a meme... now that would be really cool.

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