Saturday, October 06, 2007

Announcing the SeaStars 2007 Album blog (and how it became more)

At this previous post, I mentioned how a long-lost friend and I were working on a collaborative music album project.

Exactly a week ago (Sept 29th), I created this blog:
screenshot - SeaStars Album 2007 blog

Before Adrian and I told anyone about it, three days later I received an email from Jeremy (of Songcraft). He found his way to the SeaStars blog by checking his blog stats (incoming links). He emailed me some questions. Adrian said to go ahead and reply.

I decided to blog our response (thanks to Jeremy for giving our amateur efforts a positive nudge. Also Siva's post).

Next is what I felt was the most interesting development to date.

After I posted the interview, I emailed the page URL to some contacts to share more about our music blog. A mutual friend of ours, Ms. November Tan created a fanclub in Facebook (Adrian knows and has met her before while I only know her from email interactions).

Within 8 to 10 hours, I saw that the fanclub had 23 members already. From November's and Adrian's invites, I suspect.

With a fanclub manager whose name is November Tan, how can we not be popular?! LOL

screenshot - SeaStars 2007 Album Facebook Fanclub

As I post this (maybe 24 hours after the facebook group was created), the members have grown to 63.


I shall blog about some observations and reflections, in the next post.

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