Saturday, July 21, 2007

Podcast: At My Window (cover version)

Thanks to Jeremy for allowing me to perform and record his original song!

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Composer: Jeremy Yew [see this post]
Lyricist: Jeremy Yew
Vocals, Instruments: Ivan Chew

[Download/ Listen at]

Here’s a recording of Jeremy's original performance (recorded at the second session) — Listen to it here.

You can hear me unabashedly telling him "I can sing Seconds (i.e. Harmony)" to the song. Later I was so taken by the song that I uncharacteristically gave an impromptu performance near the end of that second meet-up. Frankly, I did a terrible job that evening! I decided there and then I had to try recording the song. When I asked Jeremy for permission to do so, I think he kinda hesitated. Perhaps thinking I might botch his song further. LOL.

More details of how this collaboration came about, and how the recording was made, over at MyRightBrain.

screenshot - GarageBand "At My Window" (cover version)

Gotta tell ya, all this came about because of the Songcraft Songwriting Circle.

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  1. Note to self: The vocals are rather muffled. Should try adjusting equalizer settings next time, to see if that helps.

  2. Anonymous1:26 am

    As always, great stuff Ivan! The recording and production quality is fantastic. Never knew the song could sound so good, haha!

    You certainly can do wonders with your recording know-how. The songs sound great in your hands.

    Jeremy Yew


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