Friday, July 06, 2007

Hmm... this is like the for 'Ideas':

screenshot -

It's an initiative by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), or specifically the Interactive Digital Media (IDM) programme.
i.JAM aims to create an environment that best captures innovative ideas and helps turn them into viable projects. We believe that innovative ideas and R&D need not be the domain of Institutes of Higher Learning or large industry players. We have witnessed the success of individuals who have taken their ideas and created truly breakthrough products and services, giving birth to new industry sectors in the process. The i.JAM platform seeks to help refine your ideas, and match them with the knowledge of technical experts, incubators and industry mentors to help them become realised.
More details at the FAQ page.

To add a New Idea, you enter information like the Title, Summary, Additional Details (if any), Tags...
screenshot - create an idea

... then complete the last part where they ask if the idea has been patented, whether you agree to the Terms and Conditions of sharing the idea and other legalese.
screenshot - ijam Create An Idea (part 2)

I tried it out by submitting this idea on WIFI at HDB Kopi Tiams. Oh, I think there's a bug there, 'cos I was able to vote for my own idea. Anyway...

The interface for reminded me of Ping.SG -- a grassroots initiative by some young Singaporeans:
screenshot - Ping.SG

I wonder if they were responsible for designing and developing the site (incidentally, Ping.SG just celebrated their 1st anniversary, so congrats!)

It'll be really interesting to see how Singaporeans take to iJAM.SG.

I'm reminded of what an ex-colleague once shared with me, about a similar Ideas Portal he participated in (which was hosted in the US) during the early Dot.Com days. He observed that Asians generally had low participation rates when it came to posting ideas there. He suggested that the Asians generally horded their ideas, and tend to think that posting their ideas publicly would only result in the ideas being copied. He commented that the Americans, in contrast, posted their ideas in the portal like crazy.

Perhaps there's some truth to it. Which might be why the FAQ for iJAM.SG has this item (see item 6):
How will my idea be protected from being stolen and developed by someone else?

i.JAM is meant to promote the free exchange of ideas. In the process we hope that the collective wisdom of individuals will make the ideas more robust. If your idea receives a considerable amount of feedback, it is validation that your idea is a good idea and should be further developed.

In any case, I see iJAM.SG as a very good start. As for the quality of ideas being submitted, it doesn't matter if the ideas don't work. Quality is often subjective when it comes to ideas. I heard a successful entrepreneur say that the difference between a Dreamer and a Visionary is Success. Heh.

To me, the value (of submitting ideas to iJAM.SG) is in forcing a certain discipline on oneself; to think of something to submit. Your quality of ideas might improve when you receive feedback from readers and the iJAM.SG community.

It's about people spotting gems from raw ideas, rather than simply expecting really complete solutions to be posted at iJAM.SG.

I might whack in a few more ideas over the next couple of days.

The iJAM.SG marketing people might want to do roadshows at schools to encourage submissions. Maybe start a "Wackiest Idea" category and give a weekly prize.


  1. Anonymous9:33 am

    hello. Came by your blog from I enjoyed reading your posts and about the new stuff in SG that you blog about.

  2. Anonymous4:56 am

    As an entrepreneur, I love new ideas! Very interesting subject you have brought up. I can see I'll need to check back with you on a regular basis to see what else you have up your Singapore sleeve!


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