Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Singapore band Lunarin to play at library@esplanade

Fans of the Singapore band, Lunarin, might want to drop by the library@esplanade on Saturday 16 June 2007, to catch them playing an acoustic set.

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Lunarin plays at library@esplanade

As part of their gig, there's also a loan promotion from 5th June to 7th July 2007. Five autographed The Chrysalis CDs to be won! Details are in the poster.

Lunarin was one of the Singapore bands featured in the On The Record exhibition. First time I heard of the band was from this blog interview at High Browse Online.

Eh, the band is "made up of 3 working professionals (2 lawyers & a chemical engineer)" -- "don't play, play" OK! Also, their lead singer used the "B" word (and the library posted it!) so that got my attention :)

But I didn't know what sort of music they played, until I viewed the video documentary. The intro to one of their songs, "Dry" (the electric version; not the acoustic one), was used by way of featuring the band.

You ever experienced the feeling when you just feel MOVED when you hear a piece of music? And you don't necessarily know why, and you don't really care why either?

It happened to me.

So I tried to look for their CD. Went to a few retails outlets but they didn't carry it. Finally I went to their website, got the email address and asked them how I could get a copy. Their bassist and lead singer, Linda, replied that I could get a copy at the Esplanade Shop.

Which I did.

And I'm glad I bought their album. Loved every track. New Age meets Heavy Metal.

Clearly, they don't play the type of music that all would enjoy. They acknowledged as much in the video documentary. You can listen to some of their songs at their myspace page.
The official band website

Additional material & downloads

Sister Site for all Unofficial news and ramblings

I credit their song, "Dry", for inspiring me to compose my We Stand Unbroken (although my composition sounds nothing like theirs).

Their show stars at 7pm. Admission is free.

More details at their lead singer's blog here, and also the Gibson blog. Apparently, Gibson is lending two guitars to the band.

From their mailing list, I learned that their gig at the library@esplanade "could possibly be their last show for the year".

Heh, it'll be my first Lunarin show.


  1. I'm definitely going. It's my first Lunarin gig too!

  2. Anonymous11:36 am

    Seems like I have spent every Saturday at Esplanade, and will be doing the same this coming Saturday! :-D

  3. Especially since you guys will be there, I'll be coming. I'll finally get to hear Lunarin in person. :D

  4. Nice work there on getting Lunarin to do a gig at Esplanade. I wonder if they are kid friendly because if so, I may bring my son there. He has a thing for music.

  5. Ah Walter, you should've come. It was totally kid friendly. Acoustical session.


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