Friday, June 01, 2007

10,000 fathers wanted on Father's Day (on 17 June 2007)

I'm not kidding. They're really aiming to get ten-thousand fathers. You need to bring your kid(s) along though (but it seems there's no age restrictions on the ages of the dads or the kids, heh)
Celebrate Father’s Day at East Coast Park!
Poster - Ten Thousand Fathers Reading!Date: 17 June 2007 (Sunday, Father’s Day)
Time: 11am - 6pm
Venue: East Coast Park, Area E2

Free admission. No registration needed.

Take part in a mass-reading event for fathers and children; Enjoy fun & entertaining programmes and performances; Fathers get a free goodie bag(while stocks last).

Details at the website -

I met a friend for lunch earlier this week. He told me it was only recently that he realised the impact the books made on his son.

He has been borrowing children's books from the library regularly, to read to his son. This week, when he took away a bunch of books to return to the library, his son started crying and uttered, "Books! Books!"

He said that made him realise that his son actually formed an attachment to the books and the stories. He has a daughter a few months old. I'm sure he'll want to borrow more books soon.

Incidentally, this reminded me of an earlier post of mine, about the role of parents in nurturing a child's reading habits. Sometimes, all the parent needs to do is to leave interesting books around the home. That's what I feel.

I understand there'll be storytelling sessions, soccer and reading, plus some other activities for the 10,000 Fathers Reading event. Each dad will get to redeem a goodie bag as a memento. Oh, mums aren't excluded.


  1. I think it's (your friend's experience) a reflection of the excellent job that NLB and our schools have done is nurturing the reading habit among the young. Sometimes you lament about the lack of support from Friends of Yesterday for NLB's events as opposed to those of NHB. It's becos yours is already so successful. Not to say, of course, that NHB is not doing a good job. Let's just say that it's a different product and a different market.

  2. Sounds good but Im getting my Dad this killer DragonFly from kiddimax, Dad will love it but Mum will hate it.

    Check out the video.

  3. Andreababy, you and your dad can go to event with the DragonFly, and invent a story about dragonflies while playing with the toy. Heh.

  4. OK dude, I will try my best to bring my son and maybe even my dad so its 3 generations. Heck sounds very much like an MCYS thing which I am sure it is some way or other. He he


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