Sunday, June 03, 2007

How a baby crocodile is preserved

Interesting. So that's how a dead animal is preserved:

Read the full post here.

Incidentally, the post was by an intern that Siva is supervising. He had a hand in getting his latest interns to start blogging. And from posts like this, this and this one, it's clear he's teaching them more than just science-related stuff.

Which is important.

I believe 'research' is just one part of the science work. The other part would be to make that research accessible. Using tools like Blogs means the level and amount of content could be distributed in many different ways, depending on what aims you're trying to get.

I won't want to read the academic papers that people like Siva produce. But from time to time, I'll be keen to know what goes on in his department. To have a peek into the sort of science-related work he and his colleagues -- and interns -- perform.

It's not for any specific purpose. Just part of my own life long learning pursuit.


  1. this is interesting. Gosh, I remember that the material used to preserve the specimens are toxic???

  2. Aiyohh... The first thing which occurred to me was how poor thing those cute baby crocodiles are.


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