Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Library User posts a "Beginner's Guide to the NLB Digital Library"

Spotted this via Tomorrow.SG, where Singapore-based Dipankar Subba posted an informative guide on accessing a part of the NLB digital media resources.

BTW, I noticed Dipankar linked to only one part of the NLB eCollection. While he wasn't wrong to use the term "Singapore Digital Library", technically it would be more correct to say "NLB Overdrive collection" (i.e. 'Overdrive' is the vendor from whom NLB paid money to subscribe to the digital content).

There are other "Digital Collections" at where I jokingly call the "eSection" -- because everything there is prefixed with an "e":
NLB - Web Archive
Dipankar also made valid observations and constructive comments about how the NLB digital content website can be improved. I'll refer my colleagues to his post.

It's nice to read comments from library customers like Dipankar, who wrote at the start of this post that "We in Singapore are fortunate because we have such a wonderful library system" and how he could "wax lyrical about the library until the cows come home".

But what's even nicer is to have library customers share information, tips, "How To" guides etc. for the benefit of others.

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  1. Anonymous9:07 am

    Hey Ivan, thanks for commenting on my post and blogging about it. I do believe that we have a great library system, sometimes, a little too complicated but great nonetheless. However, in my opinion a small scale usability study of the library's online properties plus consolidation (if possible) is somewhat due.


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