Monday, November 27, 2006

Chun See's "first catch": Blogging for Seniors Talk

LOL, Chun See informed the group (in jest) that we received our first "catch" from the talk. A person who identified himself as "Ah Lee" "Ahlee" left this comment in Chun See's blog:
I attended your talk at Queenstown library yesterday . Thanks very much.I just created a blog site. I may overtake you as an older blogger now as I came from Malaysia to Singaore over 50 years ago as a younster to study in Singapore.I think I am at least 12 years older than you.

How's that for encouragement? :)

Of course, starting a blog is easy. Maintaining it is a different matter. But I think if one doesn't make the first step, one wouldn't ever know. So congrats to Ah Lee Ahlee for starting his NasiDagan blog. He explained why he named his blog after a Malaysian dish in his first post.

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  1. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Sorry I think mispelt his blogger name. Should be Ahlee.

  2. Nice to see people helping one another... the power of blogs to bring people together, virtually and in real life :)

  3. It always feels great to see more people in the blogospere.
    Welcome to our community!

  4. Anonymous5:42 pm

    Thank you everybody for your encouragement.Still very green at blogging.Hope to learn how to post pictures.That makes it more interesting as a picture tells more than hundred words.


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