Saturday, November 25, 2006

Do you have more examples of Accessible Designs?

[UPDATE 31 Dec 06: I've since learned that "Hearing Impaired" is not a preferred term. I should use "Deaf" or "Hard of Hearing". Thanks.]

I've re-produced a post from Preetam about Accessible Design, over at sgLEAD:
Braille marking on Japanese beer cans
Japanese alcoholic drinks also carry an “alcohol” braille character on top to prevent visually disabled people from accidentally consuming it.

Incidentally, a friend recently asked me about sgLEAD and why it was setup. He asked if it was to raise funds for the disabled. I explained that the initial aim was simply to start something that would interest like-minded friends and colleagues. I suppose raising awareness and sharing of information is the primary objective of the group.

It's hard to quantify the value of such groups. Take this for example -- a librarian colleague (who had joined the group) had a personal contact, and that contact was a non-librarian who's hearing-impaired Deaf. Where appropriate, I'd seek his inputs about deafness and hearing impairment being hard of hearing. [That being said, I know Kevin's research for his PhD. has something to do with measuring the value of social networks.]

Anyway, wrt to this post, do you have examples & photos of accesible designs? I'd love to learn what you've come across.

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  1. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Hello,I like your blog.

  2. The simplest way to see the value of a social network is by it's network effect (population size). The most sophisticated way involves looking at what users get out of it (e.g. meaning, identity, etc). And like Queenstown boy said, I like your blog too :P

  3. Anonymous3:47 am

    If you tap into our network at The Rolling Rains Report ( especially the Flickr annex -- Travel With a Disability ( you will find examples of Universal Design.



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