Friday, October 27, 2006

Podcast: Carry Me Over (Rock Instrumental)

The monsoon winds have finally come, dissipating the hazy shroud over Singapore skies. With that, my haze-induced illness has also been lifted. During that time, with the persistent runny nose and depressed mood, I tried to lift my spirits by attempting another GarageBand composition. But initial attempts turned out to be rather uninspired. My mood sunk further.

By chance, I caught this rock guitar tune on radio. I do not know its title nor its artiste. But the main guitar riff strucked a chord, lifting my spirits if only momentarily.

Normally I would have enjoyed the moment and then let it go, but perhaps I had an unconscious urgency to lift myself out of the haze/ drug-induced depression. I grabbed my guitar and tried to find the notes. Turned out the riff was a simple Scale progression. I played that one riff over and over, long after the song stopped playing on radio, finally stopping when I was sure I had committed it to memory.

It took me around three days to record, edit, and sound-engineer the tracks. The public holiday on Tuesday helped, in that I had more time. Then it came to giving the song a name. I thought about it for maybe five seconds. I decided to title it "Carry Me Over" :)

Rock guitar instrumentals might not be your cup of tea. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

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You can choose to download the MP3 file at More details & Tablature of the opening riff, over at MyRightBrain.

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  1. Anonymous11:29 pm

    quite power leh. for some reason, it reminds me of the Top Gun anthem.

    the best music is written when you're down, man. like shelley said, "our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought."

    wah, i damn poser.

  2. Nice piece bro. It shows that you do have some soft rock roots deep within your heart. It still amazes me how you find the time to do this day after day, and how your wife manages to give you time to do this too. ;-)


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