Saturday, October 28, 2006

I was on almost

Yesterday, I noticed several visits to my blog from so I clicked back on the link to learn why. Apparently, my blog was cited on, under "Extras" (i.e. "Bits you didn't get to see on air. We've got so much great stuff we can't cram into our half-hour programme, so we've put up the extras here just for you"):
Lin's favorite -
A boring librarian no more. Ivan Chew, a music lover (who posts tips on composing tracks no less!), poetry writer and book reviewer all rolled into one. - Cited (1)

Here's what the Xue Ling, the lady host, said:
"I like someone a little more philosophical. Rambling Librarian. He's based in Singapore. He doesn't just talk about library systems. He actually talks about books, what he thinks about society... a nice philosophical read. He makes me feel calm and gentle after reading his blog.

[She brings up the blog] - Cited (2)

So if you want a good read that makes you feel happy, try Rambling Librarian."

Calm and gentle? I hope it isn't a prelude to "boring" and "ZZZzzz"... LOL! Heh, thanks for the compliment! It's gratifying to know someone feels happy from reading my ramblings.

But hor, why is it that doesn't have RSS feed ah?

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  1. Anonymous1:46 pm loves you! :-D

  2. Anonymous7:31 am

    I was actually quite shock when I saw, when I got home. First thought in my mind, is Mediacorp already running out of idea, just like Hollywood. Now, they make currrent affair out of Blogging.

    Please do respect to the hardcore blogger (the nerds) like us ... We don't know what this to be an entertainment sake. It is the knowledge that is found in this new semantic technology.

    And I know they have used the means of Google to crawl in everyone blog, and comments about it. Now, we have to programm anti-spiders ...

    Anyway, it is a good show. I hope my blog will not be up there sooner or later.


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