Tuesday, October 24, 2006

iChat discussion: Mainstream media WITH blogs

If the criteria for being invited on TV is based on looks, I'll never make it anytime soon. My nose looks huge! Glad I didn't pick my nose : )
[Approx. 45mins. Click the above image to watch. Or watch/ download Quicktime version]

About a week ago, Kevin emailed me and Brennan asking if we'd like to have a 3-way iChat discussion session. He was interested in our views about "Mainstream media Vs. blogs/ bloggers". The session was to be at 12 midnight, Singapore Time (Kevin being in the US and if it was during the day, I'd be at work). I agreed to the invitation, since I wanted to try out a 3-way video conference using the Mac, plus I've never met Brennan before. I thought it would probably be a 15 to 20 minutes affair but it went to about an hour (no, I didn't fall sick because of that one late night!)

I didn't know Kevin would be recording the meeting until after the iChat discussion. He did seek our agreement before posting it up. Just as well he asked only after recording it, 'cos I'd probably have more reservations if I had prior knowledge, and would be less natural during the chat.

Incidentally, our first attempt to connect via iChat failed, due to some technical problems, Kevin and Brennan managed to obtain a solution and the chat went without a hitch the next night.

The iChat discussion was free-flowing and we didn't have any fixed points of discussion, other than the main theme of "(Singapore) Mainstream Media & Bloggers". While the discussion was not necessarily confined to Singapore only, we tended to refer to examples from Singapore. Some points covered in the chat:
  • Our views about BlogTV.sg
  • Our responses to mainstream media entering the blogosphere
  • How bloggers are "treated" by Singapore mainstream media, and vice versa
  • Are bloggers "powerless" where copyright enforcement is concerned?
  • Will there still be "Mainstream media"

Kevin and Brennan's audio was clear, while mine was muffled. It must be the man and not the machine then (darn it). I need to enunciate better, and I spoke too close to the built-in mic. Will have to use a headphone/ mic the next time.

"Live" TV or Video or "Live" anything is scary. You're afraid of how you look, how others perceive you... I'm more comfortable with articulating my thoughts on paper/ screen and editing them. Live debate or discussion is not my forte. But I'm glad this was done cos I forced myself to look at what could be done better. And after the initial goosebumps from watching myself (and THE NOSE), it was quite OK. One could get used to this.

And yeah, if you were expecting the Rambling Librarian to be this 50 year old guy, you won't be the first. I remember when Von saw me in person for the first time when he was here for a conference, he was speechless for about three seconds. Then he said, "I expected you to be older, based on your writings". OK, that's a compliment, I think.

Kevin titled the post "Mainstream Media Vs Bloggers?" (with a question-mark). My view is that it's about Mainstream Media With Bloggers. It may seem like we have a "Us Vs Them" situation but in reality, we're all part of the Information Landscape. We're all in this together, serving different audiences, wants and needs.

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  1. I actually made it pretty clear in my email that I'll be recording the session and sharing it with all of you. Either way I can always make it a point to remind interviewees before I start the record button. I like your idea of Mainstream media WITH bloggers :)


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