Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Grand opening: Second Life Library, October 12-14, 2006 (SL Time)

I learnt one thing about Second Life (SL) today, and that is how to tell the day and time -- Second Life Time, or SLT:
SLT stands for Second Life Time, which the inworld clock displays near the top-right corner of the screen. Second Life Time is the same as Pacific Time (PDT or PST depending), because San Francisco is where the main offices of Linden Lab, makers of Second Life, are situated. Time zones can be confusing, so here's a great page called The World Clock to help you figure out how to convert between them.

If you are logged into Second Life, look at the top-right of your SL window -- there should be a time display. If it says "8.55am PDT", it means it's 8.55am, Pacific Date Daylight Time (see this comment - thanks, Walt).

You would need to know this you are making appointments with people (from other time zones) in SL. Or if you are interested in attending the grand opening of the Second Life Library:
The Alliance Library System and the Second Life Library/Info Island collaborative group of librarians are pleased to announce the grand opening and a host of activities planned for Second Life residents scheduled October 12-14, 2006. All events will be held in Second Life and are free to residents.
For further details of events on specific dates/ times, click here (it's Friday, 13th Oct 7am, Singapore time).

I've wandered around Info Island thrice so far. Twice I was alone (not many people from this part of the world logging in, or maybe they aren't aware of SL Library) -- until tonight, where I "met" another Singaporean. As in Real Life, I asked for his permission to post his picture (of his Avatar) here:
Alvin Korvin, Singapore
Folks, meet Alvin from Singapore. He's also started a SL Singapore Group. To join, just login to SL, click on your Search button and type "SL Singapore", click on the "Join" button. Alvin says there's only he and I in the group so far. It's funny, but just like travelling to a foreign country, when you meet a fellow Singaporean, you lapse into Singlish (via IM) and tend to band together, heh.

Incidentally, Alvin asked if I knew "Kevin, a Singaporean blogger". I confirmed that it was this Kevin (fwah, I wonder if people ask of me in SL like that too, Kevin, LOL!)

Yesterday I emailed Lorelei (Lori), one of the collaborators on SL Library. I offered to blog about the SL opening (which I'm doing) and also asked if SL Library could offer things like music licensed under Creative Commons. We could start a music collection where SLifers either listen or download from SL Library, visit the actual webpage.

And I wondered out loud how many SL librarians create their own works -- writings, music, movies etc. Those could easiy find their way into SL libraries maybe under a particular section. In Real Life, I don't know of any library in the world where they have a section devote to works produced by librarians, so what's to stop us SL Librarians? : )

Lori replied that they are working on a catalog and adds: "librarians are learning to make things. We are also hoping to highlight works of SL authors and artists."

She asked if I'd like to work on the CC music collection idea. I'll reply to her yes (right after this post). My spirit is definitely willing but my knowledge (of SL Library) is weak, so I'll need to take guidance from her and other SL Library colleagues. Any RL Singapore Liblogarians or Bloggers want to join me in this? :)

SL Library is still being "renovated". I took a shot of this building (World Bridges HQ) that's under construction. That same plot of land was empty 2 days ago. Things move fast in SL:
Second Life Library - 9 Oct 2006
BTW, the sign in blue, near the bottom-right, says: "No Weapons. No exceptions on Info Island. Use of them and you will be banned for a time."

I spent the last few minutes flying around Info Island (yes, you can fly in SL). It was 9am over there. It looked as if the sun was rising beyond the horizon. Even though I know it's not real, it still had that Real Life quality to it.

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  1. Anonymous2:55 am

    "If it says "8.55am PDT", it means it's 8.55am, Pacific Date Time."

    Just a tweak: PDT actually means Pacific Daylight Time--that is, that Daylight Savings Time is in effect, pushing clocks an hour ahead.

    PST, Pacific Standard Time, will take over in a few weeks, restoring clocks to their proper place.

  2. The library on SL is one of the places I cannot flash my Assault Rifle around. I did play with fireworks in the open field there with a fellow Librarian though. I would have asked if we could duplicate some ebooks for a virtual bonfire, but I think even that would have been sacrilegious.

    BTW: Who's Alvin? I'll have to add him to my SL friends list to find out. Since I'm leaving SG, I'll see you in SL!

  3. Anonymous10:26 pm

    i think creating CC collections are an excellent idea, but instead of just music, why not all things SG? including writing, design or even short films.
    i'd gladly offer my reviews under CC licence, if anyone cared to use them.

  4. Thanks for the comments so far, guys. Hi Billy, I think reviews might have a place in SL Library. But it's not just SG stuff only. Music (and reviews) will be from the SL/ Internet community at large. Anyway, I'll have to ask what's the collection policy for SL Library.

  5. Once a librarian, always a librarian eh? Looks like Second Life can be very addictive and take away time from your First Life? Kidding.

  6. >>>
    Looks like Second Life can be very addictive and take away time from your First Life?
    Only if I let it, Walter. Only if I let it :)


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