Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Seiko Epson's flexible E-paper

Anyone else read this? Seiko Epson Develops 200 ppi Definition Flexible E-paper (Tech-On, 30 May 2005).
The display used an electrophoresis electronic paper developed by E Ink Corp. Seiko Epson "aims to commercialize the technology within 1-2 years" targeting such markets as handheld products.
I read it via Engadget -- interesting discussion in the blog as well. Apparently you can't fold the e-paper but you can roll it. And according to one comment, the advantage of the e-paper is in its low power consumption.

The E-paper reminds me of the technology that was used in The Minority Report, staring Tom Cruise.
(DVD is not available in NLB libraries yet, as of this post)

Btw, did you know the movie was based on the 1956 Philip K. Dick short story? Here are some links to items in NLB holdings:
Wonder what applications would the e-paper wind up eventually?


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    Not commenting on E-paper! But just that I think your book-related posts are great!


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