Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hear/ See/ Speak no evil -- but no one said anything about blogging

I have no idea what's being posted at this blog, (Dutch?). For some reason, I've subscribed to it.

But I understood this cartoon. At least I think I do.

Then it struck me -- the Hands. I've seen the Three Monkeys hundreds of times but I've never really noticed the hands. The hands have the power to make us deaf, blind and dumb.

And if I use this analogy in the context of blogs...


  1. Anonymous4:47 am

    Hi Ivan, thanks for mentioning my blog! It is Dutch by the way... visit me again at

  2. Ah, I'm tempted to learn Dutch now... :) Thanks for dropping by, Sybilla.

  3. Anonymous7:15 am

    heelo from Garland, Texas. funny I was looking for cartoon see, hear, speak no evil monkeys to describe liberals and your blog came up.. LOL..


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