Sunday, December 21, 2008

Twitter feedback about Bishan Public Library

I was updating this post to add this link, and reading that linked me to this story by mrbrown.

And then I stumbled this.
Twitter / mrbrown: Thank you, National Librar ...

[Technically, it's "Bishan Public Library" and not "National Library at Bishan", mrbrown. There's only one National Library Singapore, and it's at Victoria Street. Ah, but I'm niggling :)]

Thanks for using the library, mrbrown. I shall let the manager of BIPL know of your feedback.


  1. Yes, Ivan, you are niggling.

    The people will call their libraries what they are familiar with. NLB should be happy that people go to libraries, twitter about them and are happy with the services and facilities! =)

  2. But at least now you know the difference, Kenneth. :)

  3. Anonymous9:50 pm

    nobody gives a hoot about the difference between NL and PL. you guys are fighting a losing battle. 2 weeks from now, i'm also gonna forget the difference.

  4. For something that "nobody gives a hoot", it's gotten responses from you and Kenneth, lol.

    Tinkertailor, I agree the general public don't really care if there's a distinction between a NL or a PL. But to say nobody cares is too strong a statement. In the library world, there's still a distinction made between the role and function of a NL and PL. My point is not that people should take note of the difference per se. I'm just pointing out a fact. Up to people to remember. Or not. Cheers.

  5. Anonymous2:15 am

    i like that a) bishan public library offers handicapped toilets to their patrons and that b) this patron took the time to use twitter to thank (publicly) bishan public library. talk about a satisfied and grateful library patron!

  6. I guess everyone is too used to saying "National Library". Blame the marketing people for doing a good job in the past. :P

    But yes, most of the Library's toilets are very clean. Almost same standard as changi airport. :)

  7. I think some information (in the form of a brochure, or on the website) listing these facilities would be helpful for those with special needs or assistance. Didn't find any when I last looked on the NLB website.

    Something like what the NYPL website has perhaps?

    As for name accuracy, I think it's perfectly fine to be nitpicky. It's a job hazard isn't it, Ivan? Not to let misinformation pervade? ;)

  8. @David - I'd say the library is also grateful for receiving the feedback (both good and bad ones).

    @DK - I'm not sure if there was a real intent to "market" the "National Library" branding as such, when more PL branches were built in the 80s.

    @Regina - thanks for the link. I've already informed my colleagues. It so happens that they are in the midst of finalising a brochure for people with Special Needs.

  9. Anonymous10:59 am

    We are used to national boards so National Library Board is a natural term. It is just unfortunate that there is a specific type of library called the national library and that in Singapore, the national library falls under the jurisdiction of the National Library Board. Just means a bit more grief for us in the national library when people get upset that we don't offer public library services.


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