Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Speaking in Croatia (Part 1)

How much do I know about public libraries in Croatia?

Very little.

Hopefully that should change soon enough.

I'll be speaking at Pula and then Zagreb (in my work capacity). Thanks to the Croatian Library Association for the invitation, and for sponsoring the trip and accommodations.


On 5th Dec, I'll be at Pula to talk about Reading Trends among Children, Teens and Adults in Singapore (see page 2 in their roundtable programme - you can use this to translate from English to Croatian)

Then it's off to Zagreb, to speak on the morning of 8th Dec, on how our public libraries have used digital mediums in our programmes and activities for teens.

There's a "twist" to my presentation.

I'll be presenting in English, while my slides are in Croatian (translated with the help of a Croatian counterpart) :)

Not that the Croatian libraries don't understand English. Just that it's not their first language. As I've learned from the last IFLA conference (like these two presentations), a simple gesture like having the slides presented in a language that's widely understood makes a lot of difference.

Anyway I'm not sure how it will be received. We'll see. Always a first :)

I also hope to visit some of their public libraries and learn from the Croatian counterparts. I think they are doing good work in their libraries.

Flying off tonight.

Must find some good books to read, to pass the 20+ hours of flying and waiting.

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  1. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Have a good trip to Croatia! Sounds like an interesting place to visit.

  2. Hope you get some good books to read! 20++ is very long...

  3. Hi Ee Yuing and T_T, thanks. BTW, I had William Gibson's Neuromancer for company. I made a good choice, I must say. :)

  4. Ee Yuing2:33 pm

    Hey Ivan,

    Neuromancer sure looks like an interesting read! Thanks for the heads up, I'll go check it out from the library sometime...


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