Saturday, December 06, 2008

Speaking in Croatia (Part 2)

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I'm making use of the free internet access in the Pula City Library to post this (oops, I thought it was free but there's a charge for users; they were kind enough to let the librarian guests use the terminals for free).

It's almost 7pm now (or 2am in Singapore). Day-3 since my arrival in Croatia.

Delivered my 20-minute presentation about 3 hours ago. The "speak-in-English-show-slides-in-Croatian" worked well, judging from the kind words from some of the Croatian librarians. Small audience, about 20 of them.


On Day-1, after I landed in Zagreb, I took a bus to the central bus station. Was received by a Croatian librarian (so nice of them to make sure I was chaperoned). Then it was a 4-hour bus journey to Pula. Another 10 minutes trek from the bus stop to the hotel (wished I didn't have to pack a full suitcase of stuff!)

Can't complain though. I think if I were to make my way from Zagreb to Pula, I'd be more anxious and blur.

Next day, I attended the launch of the Pula book fair in the morning (will post a video when I get the chance).

And in the afternoon, went to Pula City Library for the Croatian Library Association librarians' roundtable. Heard speakers from Croatia, Serbia, Solvenia.


OK, going back to the hotel now.

Will probably remain in my hotel the whole of tomorrow. Prepare my slides for Monday's presentation in Zagreb.

I'll post more, if I can connect to the hotel's free WIFI later (apparently, the strong winds today affected the internet connectivity at the hotel, or so I was told).

They have names for their winds in Croatia. Today I was introduced to Yugo (there's also Bura -- mentioned hereand here).

Brrr... it's cold, chilly, overcast, drizzling here. Sigh. I miss home.

The Croatian librarians are nice folks though. Am thankful for their company (even if I'm unable to following their conversations in Croatian most of the time, heh).

Zagreb signboard

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