Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What if Singapore were a person?

I guess this counts as an unofficial 2007 National Day Meme:

What if Singapore were a person?

Good time to think about it, you know? Since National Day’s around the corner, and it’d be a bit, I dunno, funny if you thought about it any other time of the year?

How would you see Singapore personified? YouTube it and tag it ‘SingaporePersonified’ (one word). Doesn’t matter if National Day’s over by the time you do it. It’s like 12 days of Christmas, or 15 days of Chinese New Year.

From Mr Miyagi, the bloke who co-started the "I Am Singaporean" meme (with mrbrown). I learned about this from his comment left in my earlier post.

I won't do a video. Not this year at least. I might pen down my thoughts. Will think about it on the plane trip to Hong Kong (wife and I are off for a short vacation).


  1. Yay! You go, Librarian! Have a good one, and remember to mull over something Singaporean.

  2. Um...this is a very interesting thought. But if Singapore were a person, and if we use all the stereotypes that we regularly label Singaporeans as, then I'm not sure if the person called "Singapore" is a person I would like.


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