Monday, July 24, 2006

It just got more real for me: Storms & Floods in Japan

I read and heard about the floods in Japan. But Japan is far away and frankly it didn't affect me. But after I just IMed with a friend who's there (and still there), well it changes perspectives. It just got more real for me (IM conversation posted with permission):

Me: oi, busy ah?

Friend in Japan: so-so. just survived a flood

Me: oh yah, i read. did you like almost drown or what?

Friend in Japan: only can joke now. camped out at fren's place for two days couldn't return home.

flooding was waist high next to my apt block n all around the area.
giant swimming pool
so i didn't/ couldn't get into my own apt lor
schools were closed n the kids had to stay home

the lake was at risk of overflowing
the city was in state of emergency
there's a little island in the middle of the lake n it looKed like it was sinking cos couldn't see the land for those few days.
only could see the pine tree tops

anyhow i was really lucky. my apt was miraculously not flooded.
[other apartments] all flooded inside.
just a step higher than the rest n saved by the step.
one of the neighbour's car was towed away after the flooding subsided.
think it was stuck in the floodwater for 2 days.
engine must be ruined

but now storm has moved to kyushu.
that's what's being reported now

Me: the floods are everywhere in japan?

Friend in Japan: western japan
Screenshot - (24 Jul 06).jpg
these are all the prefectures in japan.
the red ones are on high alert for the rains.
the pale orange ones mean caution.
red means really serious
pale orange still in storm zone
cos kagoShima is still experiencing landslides/mudslides n it's pale orange
in my cities there are still many pple in the refuge centers
their houses had been flooded or damaged so they can't go home yet
this chart tracked the alerts in my city
e.g. red alert for flooding from night of 19-20
Screenshot - Keihou (24 Jul 2006).jpg

Friend in Japan: just so much info on weather on the internet.
i remember looking at the earthquake page n it's scary how many went on without being reported

r u going to blog about it. weather chart n all?

Yes, my Friend in Japan, I'm blogging this. So that I don't take things for granted.

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  1. It's flooding in some parts of the world, while it's bloody hot in other parts. Everything's a mess... I don't think we have much time left on Earth.


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