Thursday, March 02, 2006

Want to win a brand new iPod Shuffle?

For NLB library members -- Stand a chance to win an iPod Shuffle; just ASK a question. Details of the ASK promotion here:
What questions can I ask?
Well, almost anything under the sun. However to stand a chance to win the prizes, yours should be an interesting or thought-provoking question. Examples:
- How do I decide what digital camera to buy?
- Why doesn’t superglue stick to its tube?
- Do you have novels relating to double colonization?
Chances of winning way higher than trying to win Toto or 4D (our local lottery). No limit to the number of entries. Promotion ends 31 Mar 2006. Good luck!

One big idea behind this promotion was to promote "a culture of enquiry" if you will, particularly among students. I've observed that most students ask questions only when they have to do "serious research" or school projects. But we'd like them to ask questions for seemingly mundane questions. We also try to focus on Fiction-related questions.

There'll be more plans to publicise the service. Ideas and feedback are welcome. Personally, I would've called our service "Ask Us Stupid Questions" but it was shot down... :)

Btw, if Singapore Bloggers help blog about this, I'll personally throw in additional freebies for you, while stocks last. Drop me a mail re: your blog post at and I'll get in touch with you.


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