Friday, March 10, 2006

Jurong West Community Library Re-opening: Day 1

JWCL/ Frontier CC FoyerSurprisingly, there wasn't the usual stampede into the library. Things went pretty smoothly and orderly during the first hour on a bright sunny Friday morning. The crowd started to pick up around 1pm. The re-opening of JWCL was kept low-key. There was no ribbon-cutting exercise or lion dances etc.

From the outside of the premises of the Frontier Community Place, the PA logo wasn't put up yet. The CC wasn't ready for operations yet. No programmes were being held. But I think more people will drop by the library as word of mouth gets around.

It's JWCL's 10th Anniversary, btw. You can place your birthday greetings on this giant birthday card.
JWCL 10th Anniversary
JWCL 10th Anniversary

For sure, parents and kids will love the Children's Section at Level 2. Storytelling Sessions are on Saturdays:
Children's Section JWCL MuralChildren's Section JWCL

Here's the Teens section on level 3 (same level where the Graphic Novels section's located) -- go add Your Voice to the teens expression wall:
Teens section JWCLTeens section JWCL

One thing this re-opened JWCL has is definitely SPACE! I'm sure the regulars of JWCL would really like the new environment. Much more spacious that the previous one over at the mall.
Quiet-reading room JWCL
Reading Area JWCL

The collection's pretty well-stocked too, but don't just take my word for it. :)

When the PA programmes are in full-swing, things will get really interesting, I think. For directions on how to get to JWCL, click here.

[Ref: Media Release: Re-opening of Jurong West Community Library (JWCL)]


  1. what a beautiful library -- congratulations to you and your colleagues! but most importantly, congratulations to your library's users.

    i really like all the glass and the natural lighting. i also really like the kid's space and teen's space! it would be interesting if virtual visitors (like me) could read some of the teens' Your Voices postings.

  2. Anonymous8:56 am

    thanks you :) does the required dance on the way to the lib. :)

  3. Anonymous3:38 pm

    why oh why does the JWCL have borrowing counters only on Level 1? is it a ploy to make people exercise? :D


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