Sunday, March 12, 2006

Raw notes is now Rough Notes: My new Wordpress Blog


I've waited for as long as I can for you to introduce a Categories feature like but I can't wait any longer. My posts in Raw Notes have grown to the extent that I need to be able to categorise the books by genre and format (what can I say? I'm a librarian.)

What more, has made it so easy to migrate the posts over. I gave it a shot and it was done in minutes without hitches, and was born.

With the appropriate wordpress template, I can now tell at a glance how many items are in each category (e.g. "Books", "Graphic Novels", "Fiction", "Non-fiction", "Science Fiction"). It's a great way for me to apply some of the library classification skills and knowledge, as well as learn -- through application -- the issues regarding traditional classification and taxonomies Vs the popularity and relevance of "folksonomy".

Another cool thing is that I can create Pages, like this one on the DDC (a primer to non-librarians and a quick-reference for me).

Anyway, Rambling Librarian will still be here (but I tell you, the folks at Wordpress are giving you a run for the money...)

Rambling Librarian


  1. Anonymous9:05 pm is great. i know, i have been trying it out too. blogspot offers one advantage though. it's more likely to be picked up by google search.

  2. wordpress is just really slow at times. That bugs me out to no end.

  3. I think you're right, Rana.


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