Monday, August 08, 2005

IFLA 2005, Oslo: What I'm going to miss from home

What's this post got to do with IFLA? Absolutely nothing!

I'm going to miss my wife and the dog for the duration of the trip. But this isn't my first trip away so that's not what perplexes me. I'm almost embarrassed to say this but I'm going to miss... a ... a Korean Drama!

Yes, I'm addicted to this show:

Image source: Official site of Korean National Tourism Org (or see Google cache)

I'm no new-age whatchamacallit Metrosexual male. I don't watch serials as a rule -- not English ones or otherwise. Just so happens that I like this particular show.

First time my wife asked me to watch it, I pooh-poohed the very notion of me watching a sappy drama serial. But my wife waved a packet of snacks and patted the seat, so I... ahem... humoured her (i.e. gave in to food craving) and told myself once the snacks are finished, I'm outta there. Ah, but I was hooked.

Why? Because the show is educational (you learn about Korean food), it's full of suspense, laughs, excellent storytelling that leaves you wanting for more each episode. It helps that the actress is pretty (though I wish my wife would stop gushing, "Handsome man!" everytime the hero of the show appears. I think she does it to spite me).

Watching the early episodes, the young Chang Jing was such a tenacious little tyke. Plus the way she said ‘yes’ in Korean (like “Yee-yay”, only demurely) was so adorable.

But lots of shows have that qualities right? (I mean the suspense and laughs and storytelling). So what's the true and honest reason for my mild obsession?


Because like any good story, it inspires and leaves me wanting more. Every episode weaves a story of hope, love, courage and perseverance. Each episode – like all good books – leaves a calm, contemplative aftertaste that says to me, “Have hope and courage, Ivan, and things will turn out OK”.

BTW, I found this blog dedicated to the show. It's not the typical gushy fan-site. Quite informative and educational, so much so that I've subscribed to it. And judging from this post, looks like my "addiction" is justified. : )

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  1. I think I am the sole Korean who has never watched this drama.

  2. ey, my mom really loved that show!

    just blog-hoppin, got the link from leah!

    have a nice day!

  3. Don't worry. We can lend you the DVDs, a total of 14. Wendy bought them to watch when she goes on her maternity leave. :)

  4. Thanks! But my goodness, talk about your wife being prepared! I suppose she can start a blog called "My Maternity Period" too.

  5. I have the vcds, available for loan if required :P
    Word of warning though...I watched non-stop til very late for 2 weeks in a row just to finish all the 70 cds. Talk about major addiction :P


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