Monday, August 15, 2005

IFLA 2005, Oslo: Day 4 (part 3)

15 Aug 05. After the presentation at about 1pm, my Standing Committee rushed off to Oslo Public Library for the launch of the Nordic Picture Books Exhibition.

What Oslo Public Library looks like from the outside. It's huge.
Olso2005 15Aug05 018 Oslo PL

The Children's Section.
Olso2005 15Aug05 019

The view from the third floor. It overlooks a wide expanse of space. People are just sitting on the grass with the shirts off (guys only lah, not the women).
Olso2005 15Aug05 031

What you see when you go up their second floor.
Olso2005 15Aug05 034
Olso2005 15Aug05 029

View of their 2nd level circulation area.
Olso2005 15Aug05 032

We only had time to stay for about an hour before we all had to rush to another venue for an extra Standing Committee meeting. The extra section meeting ended around 4pm. Went back to hotel to change into something more comfortable as there was a special event in the evening -- the official opening of the National Library of Norway.

We took a train down to the National Library near a place called the Hydro Park (Drammensveien)...
Olso2005 15Aug05 036

... but we didn't actually go inside the library (for now). We were seated on a open area (some 2,000 delegates -- perhaps more)...
Olso2005 15Aug05 039

... and we watched the opening ceremony and event from a huge screen while seated on the grass. Kind of like "Woodstock" for librarians!
Olso2005 15Aug05 042

This is how the National Library looks from the outside.
Olso2005 15Aug05 045
Olso2005 15Aug05 045b

BTW, the sky looks bright but the time was already 7 or 8pm. The day just seems so long, really and I think that' s maybe why the pace of life don't seem to hectic -- at least for me, my perception was that it's still bright and there's plenty of time to do what you want.

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  1. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Woodstock for librarians = 'Bookstock'? :-)


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