Wednesday, August 17, 2005

IFLA 2005, Oslo: Day 6

Day 6: 17 Aug in Oslo.

Information Coordinators' Meeting in the morning (i.e. a briefing for all the folks appointed as Information Coordinators from the various Standing Committees). I had to miss a visit to a library because of this meeting... what do do? Duty calls.

I counted about 45 people in the room. Wow.

A question was asked: "How many of you are newly appointed Information Coordinators?" About 20 hands went up (including mine). OK, I don't feel so bad now.

Main agenda discussed was the role of IFLANET (the official IFLA website). The web administrator (a lady from France, if I'm not mistaken) explained about her role as web-master, which was to design & maintain all IFLA electronic services, maintain consistency across services, upload & archive documents.

[How does one get a job as IFLA web-master? Not that I'm qualified. Just curious.]

Other items briefed included the rationale for not decentralising the web-administration for the services, instructions & specs on sending materials for uploading.

There was a relatively long discussion on IFLA's mailing lists (listservs) for the various sections. I was actually going to ask whether each Standing Committee could start their blog. But a lady next to me beat me to the question by asking if IFLA planned to introduced RSS to the site (another lady quickly asked, "What's that?").

A RSS feature would have to be KIVed for now. There's only one web-master for the maintenance for the entire IFLANET. They are trying to recruit a bigger team I think... Nah, think I'll stick to my current job. :)

After the meeting, I spoke to the lady who made the point about RSS. Turns out she's a legal adviser working for an organisation in the Neatherlands (will update her organisation's url later; left her business card in the office).

She says she doesn't blog but knows someone who does. Nope, she doesn't know Sybilla.

We promised to keep in touch. Who knows, we might just start a blog for our own standing committees in the near future, with blessings from IFLA.

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