Friday, October 15, 2010

"what do u wish to see/ get/ Experience wrt the Public Library"

My tweet question in Apr 2010 (ok, ok, I'll be more prompt in posting next time): to the twitterverse: what do u wish to see/ get/ Experience wrt the Public Library within 5 & 10 yr's time? (or no PLs at all?)
Twitter / Ivan Chew: to the twitterverse: what ...

Verbatim responses:
@ramblinglib many many more couches and armchairs for reading, even between shelves

@ramblinglib the lib is a place of knowledge. Why not a place of knowledge exchange. The painting "The School of Athens" comes to mind.

@ramblinglib More interactive literature, e-books, more dialogue between public (reader) and library.

@ramblinglib people taking better care of books

@ramblinglib I would still like PLs.. Love the atmosphere and calm&quiet env.. I'd hope for more tech.. Audiobooks/Ebooks etc..

It's nice to get a certain feel of what library customers are thinking about.

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