Saturday, October 16, 2010

Two new Public Libraries in 2011: Serangoon And Clementi

From the NLB press release, dated 15 Oct 2010:
SINGAPORE, 15 October 2010 – As part of the National Library Board's continuous efforts to better serve its patrons and the community, the Board will be opening two more Public Libraries in the heartlands by mid 2011. These libraries will add to its current network of 22 Public Libraries, bringing it to a total of 24.

Residents of Serangoon have much to look forward to when Serangoon Public Library (SRPL) opens its doors to the public in March 2011. It aims to serve the informational, educational and recreational needs of the community in the North East region, particularly some 122,000 residents in Serangoon. SRPL will be housed at the fourth level of nex, a mega family-friendly retail mall that links directly to the Serangoon MRT Station of the North East Line and Circle Line, and the Serangoon Bus Interchange. SRPL has a floor area of approximately 1,580 square metres.

Come May 2011, residents of Clementi will also have a library in their neighbourhood. Clementi Public Library (CMPL) will be located on the fifth level of Clementi Mall, a six-storey retail mall that links directly to the Clementi MRT Station and the bus interchange. CMPL offers accessibility to the community in the South West region, particularly some 91,000 residents in Clementi. CMPL has a floor area of approximately 1,900 square metres.

Each library offers a start-up collection of about 150,000 volumes of books, magazines and audio-visual materials, selected based on the demographic make-up and profile of the community.

As a lead up to the two libraries' openings, NLB's Public Libraries will actively engage the community through a series of activities. These include the 'People, Places & Recollections' Photo Contest which aims to build up a collection of photographs that best captures the essence of the Serangoon community. To promote community bonding, residents at Clementi can also contribute photographs for the 'Faces of Clementi' exhibition which seeks to showcase the then and now of Clementi. The public can view these photographs at specially curated exhibitions, which will be launched at the respective libraries' openings.

We welcome the public's contribution of photographs for SRPL and CMPL from now till 3 December 2010 and 20 January 2011 respectively. For more information, please call NLB's hotline: 6332 3255.
LINK (last accessed 16 Oct 2010)

National Library Board Singapore

Also reported at Channel NewsAsia (15 Oct 2010).


  1. That's cool! I hope there's an open house like the renovated CCK library.

  2. Possibly, if there's interest. I have you in my mailing list already. Will keep you posted, Parka. Thanks!

  3. I was wondering when Clementi would get its own library. But I hope they don't tear down the one at Margaret Drive - actually I know that will happen sooner or later. It's still my favourite after all these years. If only I have some photos of the what the interior used to look like, I certainly would like to blog about it.

  4. I hope you are wrong about Queenstown Public Library, Chun See! Even though that library is one of the less busy branch (fewer loans), some people prefer to go there simply because it's quiet. Chun See, I'll ask among my longer-serving colleagues to see if they have the photos.


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