Saturday, August 14, 2010

Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG): History, today.

It came down to this.

BTW, here's a refreshingly (positive) perspective about Singapore hosting the inaugural YOG. (via

Thinking aloud
It's hard for one to fully appreciate the competencies required to pull off such an event.

We only see the end product.

We take for granted the organisational capabilities that have to exist, in order to make such a thing happen.

Taking on the responsibility of being the first to host the YOG. That required an appetite for risk.

Above all, we forget that it requires imagination to even conceive of such a possibility.

Even with awesome pictures like this, it is still hard to fully appreciate the gumption involved. Months or years later, some Singaporeans are still going to say that Singapore's decision to host the inaugural YOG was a waste of resources.

It's easy for some of us to forget that Singapore is really a tiny country, relative to the geographical giants out there.

Whenever I'm in a foreign airport, clearing immigration, I'm reminded of one stark cold fact: outside of my country, the name 'Singapore' means little to many.

Confession: Months before, I didn't think that much about Singapore's hosting of the inaugural YOG. Wasn't against it. I was simply apathetic to the whole thing.

Now, I'm wiser.

And not too late to say that I'm proud of our tiny little country.

The next time I'm in a foreign land, faced with puzzled looks when I tell them I'm from Singapore, I'll add that I'm from that country that hosted the world's first Youth Olympic Games. First in the history of modern society.

Doesn't matter if they still give me blank looks.

History has already been written.

YOG Opening Ceremony


  1. Hi Ivan,

    I share with you the sentiments and impressive efforts co-ordinated by the organisers for the SYOG making history in the main events, fringe events for everyone involved, especially the youth in sports and the youth Olympic games.

    The success of the SYOG must give credits to everyone for their enthusiastic and active participation by every helping hands and supporters in every constituencies to host Singapore.

    Please check out the SYOG Cheer the Flame @ Changi Simei at East Coast GRC at the Everythingeast website slide show at:


  2. RachelG4:35 pm

    Hi,I would like to say that it was a great delight to read of your insights on the Inaugural Youth Olympic Games.And I couldn't agree more and also share your sentiments too about how some people display such a callous and couldn't care less attitude without seeing the wider perspective that we are to stand as a nation and give our support as fellow citizens of our country when our country is hosting a world event,even though it may be of a humble beginning.But at least the from the opening ceremony I would we have gotten on a very good start!:)Cheers and have great week ahead!:D

  3. Glad to see there are others who are proud of the recent SYOG. All the controversy aside, we've really taken a huge step in bringing the world closer together. I think that's all that really matters. Props to you for the national pride and to Singapore.


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