Monday, August 09, 2010

Flying the Singapore Flag: We're 45 - Part 1

Today's Singapore's 45th birthday.

I wanted to exercise my left/ right brain and write something about it. Led me to start writing about National Identity and the concept of Nationhood. Intellectually serious stuff.

Then I received an email from Siva. He had just published this blog post about my sharing of a recent experience on our national Park Connector Network (PCN).

A week before my trip to Melbourne, I bought a foldable bicycle. All because I saw a newly constructed park connector near my home.

After my first late-night exploration of that connector, I was so stoked that I immediately emailed Siva and Lucian. Both are cycling enthusiasts. Siva contributes to the Cycling in Singapore blog. Lucian traced the PCN onto Googlemaps, plus he cycles to work.

So what has the Park Connector Network got to do with National Day?

Siva's post ended with a "Happy National Day everyone!"

Nothing odd about that, since today is National Day.

But that one simple sign-off, in a post about the PCN, made me appreciate National Day from a simpler perspective.

I decided to leave my thoughts about national identity and nationhood for later.

For now I'm enjoying the simple fact that I have a Park Connector Network near where I live. It's just one one of the many reasons why I'm happy to call Singapore home.

NDP 2010 Official Website

Happy birthday.

[Later: Part 2]


  1. Glad that you caught that, Ivan! :-)

  2. Haha, you saved the blogosphere from my rambling. If only for a little while. Cheers man.

  3. Happy National Day!

    Lend me your bike to explore our beautiful country ;p

  4. @tabehodai - i'd rather not. I'm fiercely protective of my exercise equipment LOL


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