Saturday, July 25, 2009

SCL News June 2009: Newsletter of the IFLA Libraries for Children and Young Adult Section

Here's the latest issue of the SCL News (Jun 09), the newsletter of the IFLA Libraries for Children and Young Adult Section.
IFLA - SCL News Jun 2009 issue
PDF (1.05 MB) | Link to all issues

  • The Chair Speaks - p1.
  • Editor’s Note - p2.
  • Teens: “What I’d Like The World to Read” p3-4.
  • Relocation of the French National Centre for Children’s Literature - p5.
  • Announcement: Sister Libraries project - p6.
  • New literary prize: "Insula Europea" - p6.
  • Minutes: SC Mid-year meeting, March 2009 - p7-9.
  • Read and Reap: Harvests of Reading - p10-11.
  • Give a Bath of Reading to the babies! - p12.
  • Standing Committee Contacts - p13-14.
  • Winner of the 2009 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award - p15.
BTW, this would be the last time I'm editing the newsletter. My four-year term with the Section is up. I'll be relinquishing the membership to another colleague. I'll save the reminiscing for another post :)

Do check out the newsletter.

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