Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Reflection: Blogging less but producing more

Met a friend this week.

He commented that I seem to be blogging less nowadays.

True, I replied.

At least at this blog.

But I'm probably blogging the same quantity, if I add up all the blogs from here, here and here.

Still, my recent posts are definitely shorter and less analytical, compared to the ones in the earlier years. Recent ones are more "point and go" rather than "write and think".

I still write. If you consider my tweets as "writing". Probably more accurate to say "I still publish".

In many ways, I had more to prove back in the early days. When blogging was viewed with a certain degree of skepticism. Especially when corporate guidelines were vague about blogging about work. So I tend to give more thought and spend more time fleshing out blog posts.

Now, no one bats an eye when you say you have a blog.

I was also busy with this for a while.
I'm doing a GB demo!

You could say the Long Tail effect led me to being invited to do the demo. Someday I'll write about it.

There's a new equilibrium in terms of my blogging, reading, creating music and stuff.

I seem to spend more time reading now. I still go online every day, after work when I'm home. I read and respond to emails. Then I hit the books and magazines. Not so much RSS feeds even.

In terms of creating stuff (text, audio, videos), overall the number has increased compared to when I just blogged (text).

I've not made an exact count, but I'd estimate I publish one new song a month. Maybe more. Things like ccMixter is a reason why it's so easy to create songs.

Sure, I'm blogging less indepth as a whole.

But I'm definitely producing a lot more (quality is something for others to judge though).

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