Friday, October 31, 2008

SAM 8Q: Latest NHB museum on the block

Just came back from the latest Friends Of (FOYers) gathering.


The gathering was held at the latest NHB museum, SAM 8Q ( Well, it's not really a "new" museum in that it's a branch of the Singapore Art Museum (or popularly called SAM).
8Q sam

8Q sam

Nice to meet the familiar faces. And new ones.

Caught up with Preetam, who provided me with a fascinating update on his observations about the various barcamps he's been attending in Asia. PY gave me a refresher on interpreting the Myers-Briggs Personality Type indicators (I think I'm INTJ or something like that).

Met face-to-face for the first time: Budak and Kimberly.

[Once again, gatherings like tonight's show that Social Media tend to facilitate, rather than hinder, face-to-face interactions].

Walter gave us the low-down on how has been faring. And some ideas and upcoming plans for enhancements to the site.

The FOYers threw some ideas to Walter and team. My suggestion was for NHB to do something like what the Library Of Congress has done. But I can sense there are probably lots of institutional hurdles (or should I say it's more of people-barriers?) that needs to be overcome by our heritage and archive agencies before we'd see something like that.

Anyway, the plans for "version 2.0" include more episodes of Heritage TV, or HTV. Like this one on the Singapore Stone (I shall see if Walter will take up my suggestion to call the show "Kimberly's HTV" rather than an impersonal "Heritage TV"):

Which reminded me... I have some personal "HTV" episodes to air too. A few months ago, I interviewed my father about his basketball days. Recorded it on video. Will need to tidy it up and think of how to post it as a series.

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  1. Kimberly HTV sounds more approachable than Heritage TV. :)


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