Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bridging Worlds 2008 Conference, Part 9: Andrew McGlinchey - Search Engine 101: Crawling, Ranking, Coverage and Freshness

[From Part 8]

Andrew McGlinchey. Product manager for Southeast Asia Google.
Andrew McGlinchey

Evolution of Google

His talk was essentially a primer on how Google works.
Google search - Life of a search query

Google page rank

Here's what I Twittered:

  • 2:14 PM Oct 17th - Andrew McGlinchey (Google) explains Google behind the scenes. Moved to non-HTML content, Deep Web content, let webmasters control crawl freq

  • 2:24 PM Oct 17th - Google uses 200+ "signals" to guess Relevance (frequency of keywords etc.) and Importance of pages (popularity, no. of links).

And at 2:26 PM Oct 17th, Ben read my Twitter updates and he Twittered: @ramblinglib Where are you getting these facts? very interesting.

LOL. I replied via Twitter that I was at the Bridging Worlds conference.

This reminds me -- you might want to check out this book from the library, if you're keen to know to get more out of using Google. I highly recommend the book. Plenty of good stuff, e.g. using Google operators, google web alerts, how to search for people. And lots more. I've posted highlights from the book, over at RoughNotes.
Google power: Unleash the full potential of Google/ Chris Sherman
NLB Call No.: 025.04 SHE - [COM]
Check the NLB library catalogue for item availability.

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