Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Podcast: One World (2008)

This is my theme song for 2008.


powered by ODEO
Listen/ Download at ARCHIVE.ORG

Recorded, mixed and sound engineered in GarageBand. More details of how it's done, here.

And here's the cool thing -- Firdaus listened to it, liked it enough to try adding vocals to it. And did a mashup: Listen here.

I love the social web. :)

Interestingly, the tracks have been downloaded 100 times.
Internet Archive: Details: One World (2008)

Knowing the music has an audience is one important motivator to carry on indulging in this hobby.

I don't mind people downloading it.

I welcome it, actually.

That's the whole point of sharing it on the Internet.

But from time to time, I really wonder who are those who have downloaded it. Are they using it for some school project? A mashup? Listening to it on their MP3 player?

So far, I've not had anyone email me to say they've downloaded it or used it.

I also wonder if they've attributed the music, if they've used it in say, a video.

Or the occasional comment, from those who've had a listen, would be welcome as well.

Would be neat to have Archive.org, or any social sharing sites for that matter, could somehow automatically do this to the convenience of both the content creator and user.

I suspect many who put their stuff out under the Creative Commons license don't expect people to readily attribute.

I know I don't.

Still, I'm hopeful. I know if content creators know that their works are being attributed (or better yet, they get direct feedback like download stats or comments) it will greatly boost the quantity and quality of content published on the social web.

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  1. Anonymous10:54 am

    Just visiting your site ..
    Very nice and lot of information ..
    Cheers :) ..

  2. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Hi Ivan,

    Could it be that those who "downloaded" the track were actually just listening to it? Cos I personally use box.net to host my music clips, and use ODEO player to play them. 1 download on box.net equals 1 time a listener has loaded the ODEO player and listened to the track.

    Hence, in response to your queries on who are the people that have been "downloading" your track, my suggestion is that perhaps they were your blog readers who played the track on your ODEO player (just like myself)?

    Just a thought.

  3. I think you're right, Jeremy. They may not be downloading it per se.


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