Sunday, December 02, 2007

Singapore Writers Festival: Meet Kurt Busiek!


A solid line-up of programmes at the Singapore Writers Festival today (yes TODAY, 2 Dec!) and I forgot to check ahead.

I was reminded only when Siva sent a note to the kakis this morning (telling them that I'm in a discussion panel on 8th Dec).

Why am I kicking myself?

'Cos Kurt Busiek is in town!
Singapore Writers Festival  Kurt BusiekI'm a fan of his work (he writes) for the Astro City graphic novel series of which he's the co-creator (also see the Astro City website).

Guess I've to be happy with just reading his interviews online.

Check out the SWF website ( for details. They also have a Facebook group.

Kenny Sia and Mr Miyagi will be talking about "making money online without really trying". Alas, I can't attend their session today.

I've been invited to sit in the panel discussion on 8th Dec, titled "World Wide Web of Words - Literary Blogs", with two other panelists, Deepika Shetty and Sharon Bakar.

[UPDATE: My session with Sharon and Deepika is on Saturday, 8th Dec, 3pm. Venue is the Arts House. There's a typo on the printed copy (date is stated as 9th Dec, Sunday, which is wrong). The website info is the most updated. I've already informed the organisers.)

Singapore Writers Festival - Deepika Shetty

One reason why I agreed to be in the panel was because I'll get a chance to meet Sharon Bakar in person. We haven't met but we've traded comments via her blog (

Singapore Writers Festival  Sharon Bakar

The blurb for our session says:
"A treat for book lovers out there, World Wide Web of Words – Literary Blogs, brings together online communities of readers and writers. Thoughtful and insightful, our panelists will talk about their favourite page-turners and web pages! Log on and join in the fun!"

I'm thinking about what prepare what to say about the books and blogs I read. I'm not short of things to say, but it's how to say it. Can't ramble like what I do on my blog. And I don't want to be caught out like the "SeaBiscuit" episode again... heh.

Singapore Writers Festival - Ivan Chew

I'm not sure about the turnout for the our panel discussion, but it doesn't bother me (for once, haha). I'm just tickled I'll get to interact with with distinguished writers like Deepika and Sharon.


  1. i am so looking forward to meeting you too!!!!! big hug!

  2. Heh, me too! If you'd like suggestions on where to go around Singapore, let me know. Or maybe I can arrange some time to bring you around. That is, if you're not already familiar with the place. See you soon.

  3. Your loss, man. Kurt Busiek gave a fun talk on that Sunday. Mostly about the 'continuity' issue. Heh.

  4. Thanks for rubbing it in, Anonymous X, lol. Well I got to read your post, so my loss is less painful now.


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