Saturday, December 01, 2007

Closure of library@orchard: D-Day (Part 3)

[From Part 2]

Three videos that were screened at the library@orchard Moving On Party, 30 Nov 2007.

1) Angela Jean's tribute to library@orchard - "You Are The One":

Cast: Alice, Edmund, Ridzuan, Tianhong, Yip Leng
Music (used with permission): lenniez
Production: Xinhui, Angela Jean

She sent me and Jillian a draft after she and her friends made the recording on a Sunday. My immediate reaction was that the video must be viewed! I don't know about you, but I thought the video's punchline was at the end, with the words "In loving memory...".

library@orchard Moving On PartyIt's a video showing a few friends meeting at library@orchard, browsing through materials, the space, ordering something to eat at the cafe.

Nothing spectacular. Just about an everyday occurrance in a typical public library in Singapore. It's how young people use libraries.

But I believe this video will be more significant after a year or two when library@orchard has faded from people's memories. When memories of how library@orchard looked and felt like has become a ghost in our memories.

2) Love Notes to library@orchard:

Music: Adrian Loo (see also: SeaStars2007)
Video: Ivan Chew
Love Notes: customers of library@orchard

3) And this was our tribute to the library@orchard citizen reporters.

Words: Jillian Lim, librarian, library@orchard
Music: Adrian Loo & Ivan Chew (see also: SeaStars2007)
Video: Ivan Chew

Next: Part 4.

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