Thursday, November 22, 2007

Vienna Vacation (part 3)

Am back.

To reality.

I mean, back to work.

Oh, Vienna was real alright.

Just that when you're a stranger in a strange land, things just feel different.

Like an alternate reality.

OK, I'm reading too much SciFi. :)

To The Trains

Returned to Singapore yesterday. Got back to work this morning. Now clearing my personal emails and catching up on some blog alerts...

Ah, heartening to know the library@orchard citizen bloggers have been really active. Which reminds me... I've got maybe a day or two to put a video for the Moving On party (don't panic Ivan, don't panic!)

Learned from a google alert I set up that Mr. Miyagi's blogge about using the library's enquiry service again. He viewed the service as a "great resource of last resort" and suggests that users "Google first" before bothering the librarian. Heh.

Oh, I've got an email from a librarian from the Neatherlands! Jaap van de Geer, who works for DOK, Delft Public Library. He read that I was visiting Vienna and asked if I could make a detour to Amsterdam to visit Delft. Got his message too late though. Anyway, he mentioned how they are trying to get ideas to build a new library. He and two other colleagues (Erik Boekesteijn and Geert van Boogaard) completed a road trip in the USA last month, in search of best practices and innovation within libraries. Results of that tour at

Interesting! I've sent a quick reply to him. Will watch the videos at the site later (they edited it on the fly, according to Jaap).

I'll have to find time to complete the SeaStars music album with Adrian. By December. Incidentally, this music video will be screened at the inaugural Songcraft Year-end Concert next month.

And in between, I'll have to blog more about Vienna.

[Free-hand sketch, from a photo I took, of the Schonbrunn palace]

I don't know how to adequately describe Vienna.

So I won't.

The Travel Guides do a better job.

Go read them. : )

But I'll certainly be blogging about the visits to the Central Public Library in Vienna (Buechereien Wien), and a visit to the United Nations building (the library of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to be exact.

BTW, guess how many photos I took?

One thousand, three hundred and forty-seven.

[Reference: Part 2]


  1. 1000 plus photos? You never believe in moderation do you? Looking forward to completing that album! ALthough it will be with a tinge of sadness that it will be over!

  2. If I didn't moderate myself, there would be 2000 photos!

  3. Vienna is amazing. Many people have no idea how much. Maybe you need to be the sort of person who enjoys the little things - an excellent cup of coffee, a CUP of wine in one of the many wine cellars... or the wonderful exhibitions around town. I got to Vienna only because of the option of taking a boat down the Danube from Budapest. I loved Vienna more than many other European cities.


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