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Press release: Singapore Library Week (1 - 9 November 2007)

This event was launch today -- Singapore Library Week 2007.

There's loads of information, events and activities here. I'll just post the press release for now (source: NLB > Press Room > Press Release)

About Singapore Library Week
The Singapore Library Week celebrates the contributions of our nation’s libraries and librarians. All types of libraries – school, public, national, academic and special – will celebrate Singapore Library Week 2007 with the theme “Get Inspired @ your library”. The SLW is organised by the National Library Board and the Library Association of Singapore and supported by 14 partner libraries. More information on Singapore Library Week 2007 can be found at

MEDIA RELEASE - 1 November 2007
Over 40 libraries across Singapore celebrates Singapore Library Week
NLB celebrates 50th Anniversary of Raffles National Library Ordinance
Library Association of S’pore honours Librarian with Lifetime Contribution Award

Singapore, 1 November 2007 – More than 40 academic, public and special libraries across the island have joined the National Library Board (NLB) and Library Association of Singapore (LAS) during Singapore Library Week (1-9 November) to celebrate the valuable contributions of our libraries and librarians over the past 50 years. Singapore Library Week marks the 50th anniversary of the Raffles National Library Ordinance in 1957 that allowed for free public access to libraries in Singapore.

Guest of Honour, Dr Lee Boon Yang, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, launched the Singapore Library Week festivities at The Plaza, National Library building this morning, in the presence of over 300 guests.

Commenting on the significance of the celebrations, Dr N Varaprasad, Chief Executive of NLB said, "Singapore Library Week is a time to ‘Get inspired @ your library’ and for us to celebrate everything that libraries have to offer. More than just collections of books, libraries are dynamic resources that can inspire and help Singaporeans fulfil their aspirations and realise untapped possibilities at every stage of their lives. I am also excited about Singapore Library Week because this is an opportunity for us to celebrate the many invaluable contributions that librarians make every day to making our communities knowledgeable and well-informed, both at the front-end as well as in the areas not visible to the public. Libraries have been the focal point of education, lifelong learning, personal and professional growth. Many Singaporeans will recall how their love of reading was first nurtured in the library, giving them a head start in their study, work, business, play or personal development.”

The “People’s Library” Commemorative Book
To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Raffles National Library Ordinance that made public access to libraries possible, a book called, ‘The People’s Library – 50 years of National and Public Library Services’ has been produced by NLB. The book includes a special poem penned by Emeritus Professor Edwin Thumboo, who dedicated it to Mrs Hedwig Anuar, the first Singaporean director of the National Library (1965-1988) and another new poem to the National Library written this year.

LAS Lifetime Contribution Award

The launch of Singapore Library Week also saw the presentation of the LAS Lifetime Contribution Award to Mrs Hedwig Anuar, the first Singaporean director of the National Library (1965-1988). Dr Lee Boon Yang, Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts, presented her the award, in recognition of Mrs Anuar’s lifelong dedication and hard work to advance the development of libraries and librarianship in Singapore. President of LAS, Ms Ngian Lek Choh commented, “LAS is very pleased to partner NLB and libraries across Singapore for Singapore Library Week. This Week is the perfect platform for LAS to accord to individuals who have made a lifetime contribution to the LAS and the profession. LAS is pleased to present Mrs Hedwig Anuar with the LAS Lifetime Contribution Award today. An exemplary leader, administrator, coach and mentor, she is also an outstanding librarian who has contributed immeasurably to the library profession and library development in Singapore and Malaysia. Affectionately known as the “First Lady of the National Library”, Mrs Anuar is well-respected, loved and admired by librarians and non-librarians alike.”

Youth Forum
In keeping with the theme of ‘Get Inspired @ your library’, close to 400 student-participants and librarians got the chance to listen to internationally acclaimed computer graphics wizard Nickson Fong, who worked on Hollywood blockbusters such as ‘Matrix’. He and a panel of speakers shared about the inspirations behind their dreams and achievements and how the library played a part in nurturing their aspirations.

Nationally, several efforts will also take centre stage during Singapore Library Week:

Fourteen libraries are participating in the celebrations with several libraries holding tours, open houses, and exhibitions. The following organisations will be holding events: Nanyang Technological University, National Institute of Education, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Laselle College of the Arts, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and Social Service Training Institute Resource Centre. Please refer to the SLW brochure or website for more information.

“Drop Everything and Read” (DEAR) Returns
The promotion begins on 1 November and will run till 31 January 2008. NLB encourages you to double up on your reading – basic members can borrow up to 8 items and premium members up to 16 items.

“Millionth library loan” Honours
During Singapore Library Week, NLB will offer prizes to the 50 people who are nearest to the millionth library loan mark. Prizes include complimentary Premium membership for 5 years for these lucky 50. The person that holds the millionth loan honour will receive, in addition to the 5-year complimentary Premium membership, the newly-launched Nokia 5310 mobile phone.

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