Friday, January 26, 2007

Off to Beijing

When I first started blogging, it always seemed strange to read bloggers who post things like, "I won't be updating my blog for a while 'cos I'm going off for a vacation in [list your country here]".

"Why would anyone care where you went?" I'd wonder.

However, after sometime, it didn't seem strange anymore. When I find that the blogger (whom I'm following via the feeds) have not posted for a while and didn't indicate if he or she is away, I'd wonder if anything happened.

Fact is, majority of the people who stumble to this blog won't care where I went, or why I have no time to update. But for the few friends (yes, friends) who follow this blog, it just seem like a natural thing to do.

So... I won't be updating this blog for a week, 'cos I'm going off for a vacation with my wife to Beijing. Incidentally, it means I'll be giving the LAS conference a miss. Well, either way, I'm going on a learning journey.


  1. Enjoy your break in Beijing bro! Don't bother about blogging during your time there. Instead do more snogging instead so that I have another parental blogger to join me soon!

  2. Have a safe trip.

    Or maybe I should say, Welcome back.

  3. Have a great time in Beijing, Ivan!

  4. Have a good time and wish you journeying mercies.

  5. Anonymous12:10 pm

    yeah, frankly your blogs bore with a capital B and i guess birds of a feather flock together each ego boosting each other.

    and you are right: who cares when you fart, where you go, when you take a crap or what your thoughts are?

    bloggers can't write to save their lives and hence they remain bloggers.........

  6. Dear Anonymous, I guess you cared enough to visit all my boring blogs and leave a comment on this one : )

  7. BTW Wendell, China is a foreign country to me. It's not 'home' in that sense.


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